Could the spirit of Rebecca be telling her story through me?

I’ve been struggling with this concept and it has taken me a long time to pluck up the courage to write about this out of the ordinary opinion. More than a few people have asked how is it that a guy of my age is able to write such a tactile story from the perspective … Continue reading Could the spirit of Rebecca be telling her story through me?

Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase

Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase – Volume 1 A Novel by Stephen M Davis Rebecca is far from your average 21st-century girl.   She’d rather leave her mobile phone indoors, and being a dreamer, sit in the woods, sketching imaginary worlds. When her parents move to a Gothic mansion in the north of England, she … Continue reading Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase

I write like a girl…

The Easy Option... When I started writing at 50-years-old, it would have been obvious to choose the easy option and write a manly style sci-fi novel, and I did exactly that. However, after months of toil, I wasn’t enjoying the process, and it was blatantly clear something wasn’t right.  The thing is I couldn’t work … Continue reading I write like a girl…

Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase – Fabulously inspiring review

Here is a fabulous review posted on Amazon for Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase... If this type of comment doesn't inspire me, nothing will, so thank you Rosetta. I've finished Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase - loved it, of course, as I knew I was going to! I love Rebecca! She has such a vibrant … Continue reading Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase – Fabulously inspiring review

Rebecca 4 & 5 are underway

Many of you have asked, and I am pleased to say my fourth novel is now underway.  Rebecca and I are going to return to her jaunts through time.  I do have a few ideas where she will go, although those of you that know how it works with Rebecca, will realise my plans could … Continue reading Rebecca 4 & 5 are underway

This is a sneak preview of what to expect in Rebecca’s book of Fairies

Rebecca's book of Fairies, Pixies, Elves and other amazing things is ever closer to a release date.   If you enjoy this chapter, please let me know.  The illustrations, and all words are by me and the boring copyright stuff is at the bottom. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope … Continue reading This is a sneak preview of what to expect in Rebecca’s book of Fairies

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Rebecca and I, an insight…

I have always wanted to write, but as is often the case, life and work gets in the way.  So when I retired at the tender age of fifty-two, I thought let’s do it.  Being an East-End boy (London), I decided to write a macho style sci-fi book.  I toiled through this for a couple … Continue reading Rebecca and I, an insight…

Rebecca – A Way Back

Hi one and all, Rebecca – A Way Back, is now complete and available via Amazon. The name Rebecca comes from the Hebrew name Rebekah The first scriptures relating to the name Rebekah referred to her as the wife of Isaac.  She originated from Padan Aram, among pagan families.  She was a woman of strength … Continue reading Rebecca – A Way Back