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The Rebecca Trilogy – what to expect

Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase. Volume 1

Uncovering hidden messages in two Victorian female portraits, Rebecca’s intuition tells her something quite unpleasant occurred in the family home years before.

Fixated by one of the paintings in the hallway of her parent’s old manor house, her instinct tells her something rather unpleasant happened in the past.

Further fragmented messages suggest whatever happened could change the future and may derail her family’s very existence.

She must now find a doorway back, and change history.

This was just the beginning for our thoughtful, fearless young lady.

For Rebecca, time travel was no longer an imaginative dream like concept, it had become a necessity.


Rebecca – A Way Back. Volume 2

Setting: Having just finished university, Rebecca, now in her 20s, often found herself annoyed by common sense clouding her youthful, imaginative outlook.

Pushing rational thinking to one side, Rebecca discovered that history was littered with females of her making, all having been ridiculed, banished to an asylum, or worse still, murdered just because they could see beyond the obvious.

Can our feisty dreamer find her way through the ages of mankind and change the lives of these forsaken women, and thus change history for the better?


Rebecca – Beyond all Reason. Volume 3

Finding a doorway way into the future, Rebecca learned that global warming was no longer a theory and it was about to derail humanities very existence.

Realising the answers were rooted in the past, she was now faced with an epic journey of discovery, right back to the cradle of civilisation, where time started to head down the wrong road.


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