Time Travel

Rebecca. So who is this intrepid 15-year-old, and what’s her story?

Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase Volume 1 in a trilogy by Stephen M Davis

Cover R1Paperback

Unlike other girls of her age, Rebecca would rather leave her mobile phone in doors and instead sit in the woods sketching fantastical worlds.


Often, this spirited, yet light-hearted girl can be overheard chatting to fairies, creaky old doors, or anything that will listen. She knows most people would laugh if they could hear her, but she really doesn’t care.


When her parents move to an ancient estate in the English countryside, her inquisitive nature delights in her new surroundings.


In the hallway of the house are two large Victorian female portraits. Reading the irregular, yet fascinating inscriptions both stimulates her curiosity and imagination.


Venturing down by a huge lake that borders their land, she spots an eerie mist on the lake.


Then, soon after, she finds an odd-looking Victorian key in the woods.


This bizarre sequence sets her on a mission to untangle these hidden messages from the past.


Believing her first job is to find the keys rightful home, sets her off exploring.


In time, she discovers it fits the door to a ramshackle old summerhouse.


As she opens the door, there is a whisper of sound, followed by the smell of almonds.


With her curiosity now in control, Rebecca enters this decrepit building…


…and uncovers an old dust-laden spiral staircase.


Her enquiring, fearless side has now taken over, and she climbs the stairs into the darkness.


There’s barely enough room to move or see as she arrives at a door on the first floor. Fumbling in the darkness, she grips the door handle and turns it until she feels it click.


Now certain there’ll be answers beyond this door, she steps into a pitch-black room and as she does, the door pulls from her grip.


With her heart pounding, eyes closed tight, she hears an unfamiliar voice…

…a voice from the past, and it’s calling her name.


This is the start of Rebecca’s journeys into the past and beyond.


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