Time Travel

Rebecca’s final journey


Rebecca – Beyond all Reason – Volume 3

Available for pre-order from now 13th July 2019

Amazon publication date, 8th August 219

In paperback, for your chosen eBook reading device, or free with kindle unlimited.

What you can expect from this chronicle:

What if you travelled way into the future and witnessed our planet centuries after human life had vanished.

Mankind wiped out by its own greed and relentless destruction of Mother Nature.

Mother Nature will bounce back, but can humanity?

That’s the destiny that faces intrepid time explorer, Rebecca.

Follow her as she journeys into the future and then right back to the cradle of civilisation.

Along the way, she’ll meet other time travellers of her making…

…all having failed this task that now falls to Rebecca, mankind’s last chance.

Now understanding the true meaning of her existence, she faces an epic voyage throughout the ages.

It’s a voyage of discovery that has one goal, to save our beautiful planet.


I started writing many years ago, most of that time lost in literary oblivion without a voice or genre. Then one day and a few years back Rebecca came to me in a dream. Not only had I found my lead girl, or she’d found me, I also had a direction for my words.

Here we are now at Rebecca’s and my journey end.

Sadly, or not so, I no longer feel the need to write, because, without Rebecca, my words would be just that, words.

We feel it is our time to draw a line under this amazing journey that we have been on.

Between us, we think this chronicle sends out a particularly poignant and timely message to humanity. We genuinely believe the endless hours or writing, editing and writing some more has led us to this day.  Wrapped up within the words of my girls final time adventure chronicle is a straight forward message.  Mother Nature’s clock is ticking and unless we change our habits of greed, she will derail humanities very existence.

So, be gracious, thoughtful and kind, after all, these simple words and ideals are free.  Importantly, consider your impact on our beautiful planet. It may not be your children who suffer, but your grandchildren will.

Thank you for sharing this amazing adventure with Rebecca and me. Steve and Rebecca

Rebecca’s mother, Elizabeth and her guardian angel, Meredith would also like to thank you for making Rebecca’s life such an incredible exploration of discovery.

Rebecca – Beyond all Reason

Volume 3 in the Rebecca chronicles.

Follow this link to my Amazon Author Page:


Below are a couple of video trailers that should give you an idea if this novel is for you:

hands-600497 - Copy (2)

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