Time Travel

So, who is Rebecca?

Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase – setting modern day


Here’s a little journey to help you understand who Rebecca is, what’s she’s about and where she’s going.

Rebecca wasn’t too impressed when her father, complete with his pen-tapping Victorian attitude towards marriage, announced just before Christmas that the family were moving home.

To compound her feelings further, her mother responded with the normal annoyingly passive, ‘that’s okay James,’ even though she clearly wasn’t happy.

When they did move, it was to a 400-year-old rundown estate in the English countryside, nestling by a huge lake. Unbeknown to Rebecca, she was now truly home and her adventurous side was about to kick in like never before.


Leaving her pesky mobile phone indoors, she set off exploring the vast grounds.

On one of these jaunts, she came across an old rusty key the size of her palm. Certain the key had been waiting for her, she was now on a mission to find its rightful home.


After trying every door in the main house, she headed down to a ramshackle summerhouse by the side of the lake.

The key fitted, and as she opened the door, a weird smell of almonds filled her nostrils.

Intrigued by this and venturing inside the derelict building, she came across a locked door at the end of a narrow corridor.

After many attempts, the door finally relented and opened to reveal a dust-filled room.

On the far side of the room, she could just make out an ancient looking spiral staircase.

R1 candle - Copy

With her curiosity now in control, she edged her way over to the foot of the stairs and peered up into the darkness.

With what little rationality she had left now abandoned, she eased her way up the rickety old stairs.

Coming across a tiny door on the first floor, and unable to help herself, she gripped the handle and opened the door.

In front of her was a pitch black room and as her eyes gradually adjusted to the darkness, she could just make out a minute shaft of light on the far side of the room. Unsure if she should venture over, the door pulled from her grip, seemingly on its own.


Frozen to the spot, and with her spine tingling, she closed her eyes tight.

In the silence, the only thing she could hear was the sound of her heart pounding.

All of a sudden, she could see a bright light through her closed eyelids. Opening her eyes slowly, she looked around, unable to believe what she was seeing. In place of the dust-laden derelict room was a sunlit, neatly made Victorian bedroom.

To compound her already jangled nerves, seconds later, she heard an unfamiliar voice calling her name.


This was the start of Rebecca’s many journeys through the history of the old manor house and beyond.

To find out what happens to our fearless girl, follow this link to my Amazon Author Page:


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