Rebecca – Beyond all Reason

Here is a sneak look at Rebecca – Beyond all Reason.

Volume 3 in the Rebecca series is due for release September 2019.

What if you travelled way into the future and witnessed our planet centuries after human life had vanished.

Mankind wiped out by its own greed and relentless destruction of Mother Nature.

Mother Nature will bounce back, but can humankind?

That’s the destiny that faces intrepid time explorer, Rebecca.

Follow her as she journeys right back to the birthplace of civilisation.

This is where her story unfolds.

Along the way, she’ll meet other time travellers of her making…

…all having failed their destiny.

Now understanding the true meaning of her existence, she faces an epic voyage throughout the ages.

It’s a voyage of discovery that has one goal, to save our beautiful planet.

Rebecca – Beyond all Reason

Volume 3 in the Rebecca chronicles

Available September 2019

You tube video book trailer

All copyrights of Stephen M Davis in place June 2019


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