Time Travel

A pictorial look @ Rebecca’s world

Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase – Volume 1

Rebecca – A Way Back – Volume 2

Novels by Stephen M Davis

Rebecca is far from your average 21st-century girl.



She’d rather leave her mobile phone indoors and being a dreamer, sit in the woods, sketching imaginary worlds.


When her parents move to a Gothic mansion in the north of England, she sets off exploring their 26-acres.


On one of these jaunts, she finds a Victorian key…


…that opens the door to a ramshackle summerhouse.


Inside, she finds an old spiral staircase, which is the start of her adventures through time.


Each door leading from the staircase takes her back to a different point in the history of the old house.

Join Rebecca to find out what lies beyond the staircase.

It may change the way you see the world around you.

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