Some illustrations from Rebecca’s book of Fairies, Pixies, Elves & other Amazing Things

Finally, after months of painting, writing, inventing, and of course editing, Rebecca’s book of Fairies, Pixies, Elves & other Amazing Things is available through Amazon.



This book is 10” x 8”.  The price purely reflects printing costs.

Here is the blurb:

This illustrated novel is a lighthearted look at Rebecca’s world and the way she sees the wonders of our beautiful planet.  Although she is now 25-years-old, she often reflects upon her younger days as a child.  She was around six when she first spotted a fairy, and has managed to take this vision into her adult years.

You may question if this book is merely a chronicle of Rebecca’s imagination, or if she has really seen these wonders.

Take her guidance, follow her suggestions, and go look for yourself.  You’ll be amazed what is out there.

I hope this book is one that parents love as much as their children do.  After all, imagination has no age limit.

Within this blog, you will find various written or illustrated extracts from this novel and the other two in the Rebecca series.

This is a link that will take you directly to R3:
This link will take you to my Authors Page, where all three novels are available.



















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