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I write like a girl…

The Easy Option…

When I started writing at 50-years-old, it would have been obvious to choose the easy option and write a manly style sci-fi novel, and I did exactly that. However, after months of toil, I wasn’t enjoying the process, and it was blatantly clear something wasn’t right.  The thing is I couldn’t work out what was wrong, because I wanted to write, and that’s what I was doing.

Final - Copy

In spite of my desires and feelings, writing wasn’t doing it for me, so I shelved it and returned to my other love, painting.  I might add that I am also partial to a bit of fishing.

Around two years after my initial attempts at writing a novel, I was unusually woken in the middle of the night with a story-line, character, and plot.  I couldn’t type quickly enough, and by morning, with a steady flow of coffee, I’d written 10,000 words, and still Rebecca was demanding more.

Not only had 15-year-old Rebecca come to me in a weird lucid dream she was now so prominent in my thoughts it was as if I could hear her telling me what to write. “Not this way, that way,” she’d say.  Now, here’s the interesting part, along with Rebecca, I’d found my true literary voice, and that voice was feminine. In essence, after my initial manly attempts at a novel, I’d worked out that I write like a girl.

No wonder I didn’t enjoy storytelling about a bust up in space.  I read back now on my first attempt, and unsurprisingly, there’s no soul, emotion, of sentiment.  Unlike Rebecca, I might add, which according to those who have read her tales, suggest she is so tactile, you can hear her thoughts, see her world, and feel her breath as she drags you along her path of discovery.

Back in the dark ages, readers would have turned their nose up at the idea of a guy my age writing from the perspective of a 15-year-old girl.  Fortunately, things have changed, or I may have had to assume the name Stephanie, as opposed to Stephen.  Interestingly, my wife said, if she didn’t know me as well as she does she’d be worried… ha ha

I guess the best way for you to decide if it works, is read Rebecca for yourself.  It’s free with Amazon Kindle Unlimited, or you can download her tales from the price of a cup of coffee.  The coffee will last you ten minutes, whereas Rebecca will be in your life forever. If you’re like me, and prefer the tactile nature of a paperback, then it’s three cups of coffee.

One last thing, help me travel through time, because when I got ten five star reviews, I got the outline plans for a summerhouse.  Evidently, once I receive fifty reviews, I get the planning permission for said summerhouse.  Then, and only if I reach one hundred reviews, I get a fully operational spiral staircase.

Now you have got to read Rebecca to find out the significance of the spiral stairs.

Thank you for listening, Steve.

Oh and here’s the link to take you to Amazon and my Authors Profile.


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