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Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase – Fabulously inspiring review

Here is a fabulous review posted on Amazon for Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase... If this type of comment doesn’t inspire me, nothing will, so thank you Rosetta.

I’ve finished Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase – loved it, of course, as I knew I was going to! I love Rebecca! She has such a vibrant personality & strength of character. The story itself is great. The whole concept of the spiral staircase with the locked doors is awesome & works brilliantly. I’ve always thought there was something magical/mystical about spiral staircases anyway and this novel captured both those qualities here.

I love the idea of an immortal Rebecca – it explains how she belongs to/fits into each time period so seamlessly…and how she helps each ‘mother’ assert herself.



As I was reading, one line really jumped out at me, as if Rebecca was drawing my attention to it – “I saw you, and in you, I saw me as I was.” It seems to sum up that intangible way Rebecca acts like a catalyst, bringing clarity to their lives.

But the end….oh, how could you leave that box unopened? I so much want to know what is in it…and I can’t wait to read more about her visits to the past, esp after the teasing hints (on this author’s page) you dropped about them, especially the first visit in the 1630s (think that was the date?) Love the idea of each mother down the generations adding photos etc to the boxes.

So now I can’t help wondering just how much of Rebecca’s story is real? It feels real, like it might have actually happened somewhere. Why else would she have come to you – the author, if not to tell her actual story?

Anyway, I have Rebecca – A Way Back already, so I can read on with her story – yay! Love the paintings you’ve shown us so far for her illustrated book. You, Stephen & Rebecca make an awesome, talented, & inspired team!

Thank you Rosetta Yorke  @RosettaYorke for these lovely, inspiring words.

Here is a link to both novels via my Author’s page on Amazon



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