Rebecca 4 & 5 are underway

Many of you have asked, and I am pleased to say my fourth novel is now underway.  Rebecca and I are going to return to her jaunts through time.  I do have a few ideas where she will go, although those of you that know how it works with Rebecca, will realise my plans could well change, certainly if she has her input, which she often does.

One of my ideas is to take her to Jordon on an aid mission.  At some point, whilst in the dessert, she will find herself back 1800 years before the birth of Christ, and in an area known as Padan-Aran in the land of Mesopotamia.  Here she will meet the first Rebekah, who according to the Bible was a woman who mesmerised those around her with both her beauty and astuteness.   The Old Testament suggests she married Isaac, the son or Abraham and gave birth to two children, Jacob and Esau.

R's 4th

I also plan to take our girl to Roman Britain around 200AD.  Here she will help a persecuted Scottish Family avoid tyranny, taking them over Hadrian’s Wall to the lake-district of England, and area she knows well.

Those of you who’ve read my second novel will know our Rebecca started dating a Scottish business called Duncan Fergusson, who ultimately proposed.  Many of you have asked if there could be wedding bells soon. I guess that’s up to Rebecca.

On the last page  of the previous book, Rebecca – A Way Back –  she was visited by her great-granddaughter, just so you knew it wasn’t all over.  The question is could she, should she, go forward in time.

one-3109447 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Obviously, there will be more twists and turns within her story, after all, it wouldn’t be Rebecca if there wasn’t.

So, before I had time to publish this post, Rebecca decided we were going back 10000 years before Christ and subsequently sees our planet with early humans on the verge of losing their struggle to survive.

There is also an illustrated sequel to Rebecca’s book of Fairies, Pixies, Elves, & other Amazing Things under way.  In this chronicle, she will look at her wonderful underwater world, where she will introduce you to sea-horses with attitude, sea-dragons with swagger, oh yeah, and the demure, allusive luminescent jelly fish.  And that’s the tip of the iceberg, excuse there pun and now there’s another idea.

Some early sketches:-


I will update you on our progress.


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