Films and TV

A couple of photos from recent films & TV productions that I have been part of

On Location, playing the part of Labour’s Hugh Gaitskill in Netflix The Crown. Just about to attend the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II. Filmed at Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire UK.


In this scene, again from Netflix The Crown, we were attending the funeral of George VI. Location Southwark Catherdral, London UK.


The Labour Front Bench circa 1948. Netflix’s The Crown


Tom Hooper’s Film, Lez Miserables, playing an Elite Police Officer.  This was the barricade scene.


In costume for Les Miz


Also Les Miz, playing the part of an undercover Police Officer leading up to the barricade scene.

IMG00058-20120507-1121 - Copy

Finally, and so as not to bore you.  This one is British TV production Mr. Selfridge.  I am with other gentry circa 1920, playing the role of a Lord.



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