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This is a sneak preview of what to expect in Rebecca’s book of Fairies

Rebecca’s book of Fairies, Pixies, Elves and other amazing things is ever closer to a release date.   If you enjoy this chapter, please let me know.  The illustrations, and all words are by me and the boring copyright stuff is at the bottom. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy the concept.  Steve

Chapter 26 – The Tree Sprite and their Settlement

The Tree Sprite settlement is not unlike the Evergreen Fairy home, although there are obvious differences when you look closely.  I say that flippantly as if they are on every corner, in every wood, or in most gardens.  We know that is not the case or everyone would know about them and there would be no point in the book.  Mind you, they are there, and all you need to do to see one is to turn the television off, shut your computer down, leave your mobile phone in your bedroom and get out and explore.  That, my friend, is the purpose of this book, to give you some clues and starting points.

So, with that said, let me tell you all about the Tree Sprite.  She or he, and I’ve seen both, often appear as if they are on guard, or hunting something.  In my experience, nothing could be further from the truth.  As far as I am aware, these critters, which are taller than most of their types at around six-inches, seemingly have no enemies.  Even your friendly pet dog or cat, which chases everything, shies away from the Spite.  I have also seen foxes run from them.

So, I hear you ask, why are their homes built like a fortress, and why does the Sprite carry a bow and arrow?  I will let you speculate about the bow and arrow while I tell you about their home.  As you can see, it is built from a certain type of tree.  These are most common in swampy areas such as an everglade, the likes of which you may have seen while visiting southern Florida.  That is if you were able to drag yourself away from Disney or the beach, ha ha.  That is not the only place you can see these, and in fact, while out fishing with my author, Steve, I have seen these by the side of remote lakes and such like in the United Kingdom.  I also was fortunate enough to see one on the outskirts of Vancouver, in Canada at a place known as Capilano Canyon.

You will notice the raised door, and most rooms in the upper part of their dwelling.  They are built this way primarily in case the water levels rise, which they inevitably do.  Considering this critter is around six-inches tall should give you some perspective to the size of these buildings.  With that said, you’d think they would be easy to spot.  Not if you don’t look in the right place, with the correct mindset.


So, do you have any idea why they carry and bow, and arrow?  Importantly, have you guessed what their intended use is?  Yeah, me too, that is exactly what I thought, hunting.  Well, they do use them for hunting but not in a way that you’d expect.

Ever stood under an apple or pear tree, and wondered why the biggest, rosiest fruit is always out of reach?  Getting an idea now, are you.  So, you have two choices, climb a tree, as I have many times, and get your white jeans dirty, and then your mum moans at you because of the state of your clothes.  Alternatively, you can fire an arrow on a string, as the Tree Sprite does and bingo; the best fruit is in your hand.

I should add that my Mum, Elizabeth never moaned at me for getting my white jeans dirty, she just chuckled and cleaned them for me.  Bless her; I do love her so very much.

So, you didn’t see that one coming did you.  I sat there with my mouth open the first time I saw one of these critters collecting all the best fruit.  I guess I was around sixteen at the time, and thought I knew everything, huh, including the best way to the top of the tree where the rosy reds are.  Live and learn as they say, and we do, every day, and so it should be.  It makes you a better, kinder, more considerate individual.  I have said it before, be a giver of energy, not a taker.

Here he is below, in all his glory.  Quite a character, I am sure you’d agree.  As I said earlier, there are females who have a similar appearance, with obvious differences.  As I have many female variants within these pages, I have tried to occasionally show you their male counterparts.

They always have a cheeky half-smile I might add, which comes across as a buoyant, secure deportment.


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First Published 2018
Typeset Stephen M Davis
Illustrations and Paintings by Stephen M Davis
Published by DMS Literary Publications

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