My Surreal Paintings II

Here are some more of my latest surreal creations.  Please let me know if you’ve enjoyed these.  Some of these paintings will form part of Rebecca’s book of fairies, pixies, elves and other Amazing things.

This third novel in the series will be an absolute change in direction, taking a light-hearted look at Rebecca’s world.  This story will be in first person, where Rebecca will address the reader directly.  It will include many illustrations.

The first two books in the Rebecca series, Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase, and Rebecca – Away Back, are in third person.  They are stand alone stories chronicling her adventures back and forward in time.

Here is a link for the first two novels:

This is the back page blurb:

Rebecca & The Spiral Staircase – Setting – Modern Day

15-year-old Rebecca is anything but a modern-day girl.  She prefers to leave her mobile in the bedroom and instead sit in the woods, sketching fanciful worlds.  When she discovers a spiral staircase in a ramshackle summer house, her imagination really kicks in.  These stairs lead her on a series of journeys into the history of her parent’s old house, where she is always Rebecca.  Each woman she meets treats her as a daughter, both stimulating and confusing her senses.  Initially, memories of each journey are colourful, although as time passes her recollections grey, and common sense takes over.

However, when the truth about her experiences becomes known, she is in for a spine tingling surprise.

Rebecca – A Way Back – Setting – Modern Day

Rebecca is a little older now and after her first year at University, common sense rears its head a little too often for her liking.  She finds herself applying rational thinking to all that life offers, and this includes her previous meetings with Meredith and the information within the three boxes.

What university could not teach her is how to prepare herself for what is about to happen.  Again, all balanced thinking is going to tumble into a world beyond common sense.

Many believe we just get one go at life.  Some think otherwise.

Just suppose we inherited memory and could see the world through the eyes of our forefathers.

Rebecca can…










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