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Rebecca’s book of amazing things

Here is another look at Rebecca’s world and how she sees it.  In this book, I am going down a completely different route to Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase, and Rebecca – A Way Back.  This story will take a lighthearted look at her world.

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I was around 8-years-old and at the time, was living with my parents in Cheshire.  We had a delightful two-acre garden and at the bottom was a small wood that was home to the whispering pond.

Being so young, I believed our small wood was a vast unexplored forest and spent many days discovering its beauty.  It was on one of these days when I first noticed something moving at the back of an old ramshackle shed.  The shed sat on small stilts next to the whispering pond, and at the front was a rickety wooden bench.  I was sitting on this bench when I heard rustling behind me.  I turned around, but there was nothing there.  I then became preoccupied watching the fish splashing as I sat there eating my packed lunch.  I had made it myself before I left home on another of my adventures.  In those days, I saw every trip down to the wood as an exciting exploration.


A Wood Elf’s Home

After lunch, I started doodling flowers and butterflies.  At the time, I didn’t realise the butterflies were a look-out for the fairies and elves.  So, there I was sketching, when my I dropped my eraser.  I bent down to pick it up and noticed something moving under the shed.  Realising it wasn’t a mouse or water vole I held my breath and looked a little closer.  Seemingly oblivious to me were a couple of elf like critters leap-frogging the mushrooms that grew in abundance in the shade of the shed.

I sat there for an age watching them, delighting in their gentle child-like laughter.  One of them seemed to notice me and came a little closer.  He sat there, watching me for a moment or two, then went back to playing with his friends.

Although, in the past I had an idea such beings existed, this was the first time I’d seen them up close.  That day changed the way I looked upon the world, and all the wonderment it has to offer.  Even though I am in my twenties now, I still see all that is around me through the same eyes.

I firmly believe any of us are capable of seeing such amazing things.  If, for just one moment during childhood you were aware of this wonderment, then I say you have it within you to see them today.  Dismiss rational thinking, clear your mind, and go look, wanting to see.


The Pixie Forest Keeper’s Home

img110 - Copy - Copy

The Butterfly Lookout Fairy

img095 - Copy

The Castle of the Sky Fairy Queen


The home of the Mountain Fairy

And Finally, the home of the Grand Fairy Queenimg096

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First Published 2018
Typeset Stephen M Davis
Cover Design Stephen M Davis
Illustrations and Paintings by Stephen M Davis

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