Rebecca and I, an insight…

I have always wanted to write, but as is often the case, life and work gets in the way.  So when I retired at the tender age of fifty-two, I thought let’s do it.  Being an East-End boy (London), I decided to write a macho style sci-fi book.  I toiled through this for a couple of years, never content.  Nonetheless, I was unwittingly honing my skills, understanding the way a book works.  Once finished, it was hidden away in a file on my computer.  I then turned my attention to writing an angling blog.  This suited me a little better, and has become very popular.

Interestingly, many anglers suggested they felt as if they’d been with me on the bank.  Maybe this tactile style of writing was a sign of what was to come.

It was a cold February morning when I was woken by this bizarre dream.  Unlike normal dreams that fade with seconds, this one stayed right at the front of my thoughts.  I had no choice and headed downstairs.  Once the coffee machine was on, I started writing, and Rebecca just fell from my finger tips.

Not only had I found Rebecca but with her a style of writing and literary voice that suited me perfectly.  I then spent the next few months working on Rebecca and the Spiral Staircase.  Interestingly, the further I got into the story the stronger and more assertive Rebecca became.  By the end, she was virtually controlling me.  Even though I had a set route or direction for her, she would always go off at a tangent.  Often I was left wondering where this was coming from.

It took a long time for me to pluck up the courage to send my beloved Rebecca out in the big wide world.  Embarrassingly, I considered and then fearfully shied away for the ebook route many times.  Eventually, I bit my lip and let her run free, not expecting much.  I guess I was hopeful the odd person would like her, and her tale.  I never envisaged the instant positive reaction she gained.  The most poignant thing for me was the way the readers responded.  Everyone reviewed in the same way, suggesting he or she had been with Rebecca through every step and couldn’t wait for her next adventure.

So, it was on to Rebecca – A Way Back.  Now if I had questioned who was in control in the first novel, in her second adventure, she totally led the way.  So much that I often questioned what part of my brain her jaunts had come from, because it hadn’t felt as if it was from my consciousness.  It was as if she had been locked away in the recesses of my subconscious thoughts and now had a way out.  I have joked that she closes the front door, and turns left, every time.

Now I had a suggestion made to me that I’ve struggled to get my head around and understand.  Someone who knows me well mentioned my novels to a friend and explained that Rebecca led me, rather than the other way around.  That person, who is a renowned spiritualist, asked if I had had a near-death experience.  I had when I was 16-years-old.  He subsequently suggested that I had picked up a spirit during that incident, and that spirit was Rebecca.  Now I have never considered that type of thing seriously in the past.  However, it rather answered a few unasked questions.  If you have read Rebecca, and subsequently considered her journeys thoughtfully, did you feel the same way?

So to give you a taste of what to expect, I will leave you with the next couple of lines.

What if we inherited memory and could see the world through the eyes of our forefathers as if we were there.

Rebecca can…

Book cover3

Incidentally, I am not going to suggest my tales are literary masterpieces.  I have no doubt there are a few typos, grammar and punctuation mistakes.  You know what though, I wrote these stories for the masses, not the handful of people with an English degree.  I have done everything myself, from cover design, editing, copywrite and so on, and am proud of what I have achieved.

I so hope you love R as much as I do.



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One thought on “Rebecca and I, an insight…

  1. Beautifully written and expressed. So proud of you and all you have achieved. And I agree. R has led you and contnues to lead. Follow her and trust in her.

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