Rebecca – A Way Back

Hi one and all,

Rebecca – A Way Back, is now complete and available via Amazon.

The name Rebecca comes from the Hebrew name Rebekah

The first scriptures relating to the name Rebekah referred to her as the wife of Isaac.  She originated from Padan Aram, among pagan families.  She was a woman of strength and beauty.  The bible suggests she embraced those around her with her wisdom, tenacity, and splendour.  The name Rebekah is mentioned in Genesis 22:23 within the Old Testament and dates back to the beginning of Christianity.

Many believe we just get one go at life.  Some think otherwise.

Just suppose we inherited memory and could see the world through the eyes of our forefathers.

Rebecca can…

Here is the back page blurb for Rebecca – A Way Back:

  Setting – Modern Day

Rebecca is a little older now and after her first year at University, common sense rears its head a little too often for her liking.  She finds herself applying rational thinking to all that life offers, and this includes her previous meetings with Meredith and the information within the three boxes.

What university could not teach her was how to prepare herself for what is about to happen.  Again, all balanced thinking is going to tumble into a world beyond common sense.

fairy-2164638__340 - Copy

I suspect you enjoyed your first encounter with Rebecca, or you would not be here now.  She assured me that she is looking forward to taking you down another twisting road.

On this site, you will find an extract from a couple of her latest jaunts.  Don’t worry it won’t ruin the story for you.  Neither Rebecca nor I would allow that to happen.

At the beginning of RII, you will find a prologue that will give you an insight to what happened in Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase.  This is intended to make RII a standalone novel.  If you have not yet indulged yourself in RI, I urge you to avoid reading the prologue.

Happy to answer any questions, as always.  Steve


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  1. Very neatly organized, but I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the way you had it. lol. I agree with Loraine, Your fishing pics are very enjoyable.

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