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Rebecca – A Way Back Extract 2

Here is an other extract from RII, Rebecca – A Way Back

I do so hope you enjoy one of Rebecca’s many adventures…  Love her and she’ll love you back.

Feeling both apprehensive and curious, she carefully opened the envelope, and removed a frayed edged parchment that was folded in four.  She sat for a moment staring at the scribbled writing.  Although she recognised this as Meredith’s handwriting, the scribbled appearance left her feeling a little concerned.  Frowning, she took a deep breath, and started reading.

My dear future girl,

You find this, my last note to you, as I knew you would.  By now, you will be aware that on the 25th February 1888, I embarked upon a new journey to be with my beloved Aunt.  My daughter Rebecca Jane was at my side, when I took my last mortal breath. 

The information you imparted recounting the French vagabonds, was judicious, astute, and perfectly timed.  It facilitated Rebecca Jane remaining in our home.  We christened our house and to reflect your intervention, re named as Chère à votre maison.  I am certain that this is a familiar name. 

One year later, my daughter had a horrific accident falling from her horse Nadine.  Although this was indeed a sad passing, Rebecca Jane had been suffering with an incurable stomach condition, and as such, it was a blessing.  Therefore, please do not attempt to intercede upon this situation on this occasion.

Fortunately, a distant relative, Veronica Moore acquired the house and with her family was happy throughout many years.  I have no doubt yours, and Veronica’s path would have crossed.  You would have found her a strong advocate for women’s votes, and a campaigner for the suffragist movement.

You must find your own way now, my beloved future girl.  Find strength in your principles, and thereby acknowledge, and comprehend your mission.  Step forward with character, there is much that awaits you.  Know that your vision and openness to that around you changed my life from that of a lost soul, to one at peace.

My love, always, your Meredith.

With her emotions knotted, Rebecca sat there reading the letter over and again.  Trying to understand how she felt, she decided to go for a walk in the woods.  Still intent of giving herself some fairy time, she grabbed the art box her grandfather had given her, and headed off outside.  On her way to the woods, and reflecting on Meredith’s letter, knowing it was her last left her feeling quite emotional.  However, there was an odd strength in the way the letter was written, and the more she thought about it, the better she felt.  By the time, she entered the woods, her emotions had lifted, and she was feeling somewhat positive.

She took a slightly different route to normal, but without realising it, found herself back by the fallen oak.  With the mid-day sun streaming through the young willows, she perched herself on the tree, and embraced of the mood that surrounded this place.  As she sat there, she started thinking about Sam’s goblins and wondered how she’d react if one of her fairies, pixies, or even elves spoke to her.  This idea preoccupied her thoughts for the next few minutes.  She couldn’t help wondering if it might actually happen now she’d thought of it, especially the way things were working out of late.  Just as quick, she dismissed the idea, reckoning it was one thing these critters hiding her pencil, but something else having a conversation with a fairy, pixie, or elf.  Well, maybe not an elf, she thought, and shivered.


She leaned back against a branch, propped her foot up, and started doodling.  With the fairies now at the forefront of her thoughts, she decided to conjure up one of their dwellings, not that she’d ever seen one.  After an hour or so, and a lot of mind changing, she sat back and muttered, ‘looks more like a pixie house.’

‘What looks like a pixie house?’ a pleasant agreeable voice said from behind her.

Frozen to the spot, she sat there unable to move, as a thousand ideas ran riot in her head.  This is just plain daft she thought.

‘Has the cat gotten your tongue Rebecca?  Unusual for you, you normally have so much to say, especially to all the trees, shrubs and indeed anything else that listens.’

Still unable to move her body, let alone her lips, and reckoning who ever this was seemed to know her pretty well, she mumbled through closed lips, ‘err, who is speaking to me?’  Unless her hearing was on the blink, like her mouth, it sounded like the voice was right behind her and actually coming from somewhere near the tree roots.


‘Speak up dear girl, I am sure you mother told you not to mumble.’  Whoever it was sighed.  ‘Well, it isn’t Meredith is it, that you know for sure.  You ask who I am even though you thought of speaking with me only a few moments ago.  Rebecca, please think with an open mind, something you tell others often.  I will give you a clue,’ the voice said and chuckled oh so quietly.  ‘Are you ready for a clue?’

‘Err, umm, yes I think so,’ she said excitedly, having just allowed her brain to let a youthful penny drop.

‘I think you know only too well who I am.  You spend your every day, saying, “Keep your eyes open and see that which is in front of you.”  Yet here you are, allowing adult blinkers to stop you seeing that which you desire.  Your clue – not that you need one – would you like to swap your pencil for a key.’

Grinning, she said, ‘So, you did hide my pencil.  She then chuckled quietly, and started to turn around.

‘You always say, “oh no, you never see them, you just know they are there.”  Today is no different, and because of that, you must trust yourself and know I am here, even though you are unable to see me.’

Rebecca sat there, with her leg dangling and her body half turned, not knowing what to think or do.

‘Do not fight it Rebecca, just allow your mind to see me, as you have with the drawing of my home.’  He then chuckled.  ‘I have an important message for you, although I anticipate you dismissing today’s meeting, along with my message as a daydream.’

She shook her head, ‘I will not, I hate it whenever the dream notion is suggested for my journeys.’

‘Rebecca, I must tell you of my message.  I am here in the absence of Meredith.  Her aunt, also Rebecca, who you know, asked that I visited you.  When the time is exact, you will feel an irresistible need to visit the servant’s quarters, which you know as the summerhouse.  Instead of entering the summerhouse and climbing the stairs, you must take your father’s boat and be alone when you do so.  Row it around the nearest island once and return to shore.  Are you clear so far?’

Rebecca nodded several times, wondering where this was going and importantly who this was talking to her.’

‘No need to wonder, you could have asked.  I am a pixie, and my name is Ethernal.  So, once you are back on land, you will find yourself in the year 1123.  By the brook, you will come across and lady who has been injured with sword cuts.  Her name is Matilda, and she has just been overthrown as the queen of England.  You need not concern yourself with the policies of this event that resulted in many years of civil unrest.  I see you are scribbling notes, please say if I am going too quickly for you.’

Rebecca shook her head, and said, ‘no I am fine.  May I ask, can you read my thoughts?’

‘I could not possibly tell you; however, I suspect you know the answer.’  He then chuckled again.  ‘Matilda’s injuries will be severe, and you must take her to the bear lodge in the woods of the other side of the lake.  Once there, you must nurse her back to health.  Be aware, there are many who want her dead, and that will alone pose a relentless challenge.  It is important that you gather these medicines; turmeric, honey, and clear ethyl alcohol.  Do not be tempted to take medicines from your own time, although I suspect you may consider this option.  In addition, you will need a healthy supply of fruits and vegetables that are high in iron.  Alongside these, you will require sufficient food for two people to last twenty days.  Be mindful, there are no fridges, so create a natural larder with the cool water from the stream running adjacent to the lodge.  Are you clear so far?’

‘I am, and my curiosity is at bursting point, you said she was queen of England.  Can you tell me more?’

‘She was, until the day you find her, Matilda, queen of England.  She is of your kind, and was one of the first to speak out using her foresights.  The peasants of this land loved her, as did we pixies, the elves, and the fairies.  The gentry, however, saw her as a threat to their disdainful, wealth laden existence, and thereby challenged their combatants to rid this land of her monarchy.’

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