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Many believe we have one life and that’s it, although there are some who have a different view. What if, just what if we inherited memory from our forefathers, could somehow manifest ourselves into their head, and then see their world through their eyes... Link to my novels: Author.to/BothRsLink Stephen M Davis Born 1957, East [...]


Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase – Fabulously inspiring review

Here is a fabulous review I have just received for Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase... If this type of comment doesn't inspire you, nothing will, so thank you Rosetta. I've finished Rebecca & the Spiral Staircase - loved it, of course, as I knew I was going to! I love Rebecca! She has such a [...]

Rebecca and I, an insight…

I have always wanted to write, but as is often the case, life and work gets in the way.  So when I retired at the tender age of fifty-two, I thought let’s do it.  Being an East-End boy (London), I decided to write a macho style sci-fi book.  I toiled through this for a couple [...]